Trevor Jacob

Starter and founder of GKC. Trevor, an Olympic snowboarder and all around shredder, and he started filming and naming the films GKC after him and his friends when he was 9.


Dennis Enarson and the Markit BMX crew have backed GKC since day 1. Look forward to more Markit/GKC in the future!


Ethen Roberts

Gregg Godfrey’s nephew. Ethen has the most bad ass mountain bike tricks in the world. Doing tricks nobody else dares to do on a mountain bike. Ethen kills it on anything he tries! 


Johnny Strange

One time the youngest to climb Mt Everest. Johnny has backed GKC since the start and is one of the best base jumpers and wing suit pilots in the world, not afraid of a fun time and sends huge waves surfing!


Larry Linkogle

Creator of Metal Mulisha and the pioneer of freestyle motocross. Link is down to fuck shit up and is GKC til death!


Christian Diener

An all around nut case, Christian is not afraid of a wild time. Not afraid of much, he does slip n slide loops naked while getting shot at. Jumps cars through RV’s and loves more than anything to light everything on fire. Christian is a legend!